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Hi, I'm…

Manuela Hutter

Some things I do are…

  • Teaching (Montessori elementary)
  • Write software
  • Gain expertise in NVCNon-Violent Communication & Sociocracy
  • Meditate & being mindful
  • Promote veganism and healthy living
  • Think outside of boxes
  • Make music
Reaching high


Reaching high…

I believe that it is vitally important to improve how we raise children. Going into a future that we are unable to predict, we need people who love to learn, solve problems, reason, and communcate peacefully. These skills, plus basic reading, writing and math, are the most important ones to teach.

In 2013, I decided to learn more about education and become a Montessori teacher myself. I now hold degrees by the Austrian Montessori Association (following AMIAssociation Montessori Internationale standards) for ages 3-6 and 6-12, and I work with children grades 1-3 in an international Montessori school just outside of Vienna.



In code, I can create pretty much anything I imaginable. It's a superpower!

Math and programming have been my passion from a very early age. A passion that I followed professionally. I hold a Master's degree in both Information Technology and Digital Media, and I worked in a technical role in various forms for about 7 years total. At Opera Software, I worked as a C++ developer and Usability professional for 5 years.

I am now seeking to consolidate my teaching and technology skills in order to positively impact the lives of many children, beyond what I can do in a single classroom.



"The deepest service that almost any of us can do in peace building is to really listen" – Scilla Elworthy

It is hard to become good listeners, especially because we think that we already are. In an attempt to improve my skills, I am attending a Non-Violent Communication training program throughout 2018. These skills go far beyond listening alone. They help with introspection, making yourself heard, voicing gratitude, setting boundaries, mediation, and many more aspects of inter-personal communication.

I've also attended module 1 and 2 of a local training in Sociocracy, in an attempt to learn how to have groups come to agreements fast, while everyone is being heard.



What is now?

A regular meditation practice and mindfulness throughout the day have been vital to my well-being, and have been my anchor in troublesome times.

I started practicing regularly in 2012, with a group following the Theravada Forest Monestary tradition. I follow a secular approach to meditation (see books by Stephen Batchelor), and meditate with Theravada and Zen, as well as secular groups.

I have also created an online meditation event.

Fruit Tree


""Eat food, not too much, mostly plants." – Michael Pollan

I've followed a vegan lifestyle since 2003. I believe that it is good for my own health, that it helps minimize harm against other sentient beings, and that it mitigates climate change.

I completed the "Plant-Based Nutrition" Certificate Program at eCornell, and have otherwise tried to stay curious about what healthy means, and be a positive example for others.

Other than that, my favorite pastimes are running trails and hiking up mountains.



Reasoning, updating your beliefs about the world (finding out what's true), and striving to achieve your goals are important principles to me. And I believe they are important for humanity as a whole.

I also strive to apply reason and evidence to my choices of doing good, and I use resources provided by the Effective Altruism movement for that.

Playing guitar


Music makes the people come together - Madonna

Music has been part of my life for as long as I remember. I sang traditional songs with my mother, have sung in youth-, student-, adult-, and opera-choirs. I formed a band with colleagues in Oslo. I burst out in songs at seemingly random times. And I like making up new songs spontaneously.

Find some of my creations on SoundCloud.